Save your money, give your time.

Unlike crowdfunding, with TimeFunding™ you contribute your time, not money, to support the arts.

Time you spend here is converted into Arts Cash®, a unique virtual currency. Arts Cash® supports artists and earns you gift cards!



Easily get the support you need:
  1. Join Feed The Arts as an artist.
  2. Create your project.
  3. Choose the Service Providers you want to work with.
  4. Promote your Project and get funded!


Start supporting the arts in just a few easy steps:
  1. Join Feed The Arts as a Fan.
  2. Spend time watching videos and more to earn Arts Cash®.
  3. Use your Arts Cash® to fund your favorite artists.
  4. Get gift cards FREE for just spending time here.

Service Providers

Serve up your services quickly:
  1. Join Feed The Arts as a Service Provider.
  2. Create your business listing and offers.
  3. Pick a promotional plan.
  4. Promote your Feed The Arts affiliation to artists.
  5. When their project is 100% funded, we pay you directly!

TimeFunding™ = No "Starving" Artists!

Artists create projects and their art. Fans supply the support and funding!

Here's how it works:


Mimi Lippiatt

Mimi Lippiatt

“I earned the Arts Cash® I needed to get a $500 Gift Card to Blick Art Supplies and order supplies that were in great need for my next commissioned work. This artist is on her way to truly doing what she loves to do!” — Minnie Lippiatt (visual artist/painter)

Sarah McLennan

Sarah McLennan

“Thank you to the arts community and for helping me take another step further in this crazy journey.” — Sarah McLennan (musician who worked with Skylab Studios NYC)

Kayla Stockert

Kayla Stockert

“It takes a lot of time and money to pursue a music career. We want to take our songs to the next level, and with the right production we can. Please help make this dream come true!” — Kayla Stockert (Singer, songwriter)